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Northern Region Sales Company Performance Evaluation Seminar Held in Tianjin Factory


In May, the performance appraisal workshop for sales companies in the North Region was held in the Tianjin factory. **, **, **, ** and related personnel from factories and sales companies in the northern region attended the meeting.

The conference conducted a special discussion on the performance evaluation of sales companies in 2010.** The company communicated with everyone on the target assessment of the sales of building materials industry in 2010. It pointed out that with the company’s listing and rapid expansion, the company combined the development needs and the current policy orientation. Made a series of adjustments, hoping to communicate ideas through exchanges and reach a consensus with the sales company; ** for the daily management of the retail market price system settings, dealer sales promotion case analysis, salesman day-to-day management, etc. for a detailed introduction.

**At the conference, three points were highlighted: First, breakthrough the data analysis “guided misunderstandings” and avoid comparing the data with the same period last year (financial crisis), but compared with the planned indicators of 2010, focusing on the completion rate, Seize the opportunity and act quickly. Second, identify the situation in the business process and deal with it rationally. For example, check the risk for macro-control, carefully analyze the existing business strategy and sales structure, adjust the layout, and seize the opportunities of building materials to the countryside to seize the opportunity. The “** brand” was implanted; the third was engineering and retail science matching to promote more reasonable sales structure; focusing on incremental sales decomposition to ensure the realization of the 2010 target plan.

** Made a concluding speech at the meeting and pointed out that through discussion and exchanges, the company’s performance appraisal plan is clearer and more thorough and achieves the intended purpose. In the later stage, it is necessary to strengthen the training of office and financial functional departments and business personnel. Special emphasis on companies in accordance with real estate control policy, pay attention to risk prevention, first, in the selection of engineering agents, from the real estate project to the government-oriented developers; second is the current national policy, real estate, small The development of house types will be more and more, and we must seize the opportunity of the increase in the market demand for floor heating in the north. The third is to further improve the service level and do a good job in advance, during and after the service and management.

In addition, the meeting also shared the Shanxi Province home furnishing retail and Shenyang home improvement floor heating operation procedures, and the sales companies also conducted in-depth exchanges with Shanghai and Tianjin factory functional departments